Roads and meetings

 Introducing myself once again



We are re-creating over time and, often, we are reborn, we self-gestate with the authentic straight to be and to do what we most want. And it is so … I am the one who dances and also who contemplates and is part of this beautiful crossroads in the meeting of two roads. Two paths that penetrate my body to make it a living memory, two paths that embody in me: the Dance and Focusing, that Gendlin proposed in 1962. Both reveal, remove the veil to the invisible, those experiences that were hidden in the deepest part of my being and enclosing, without a doubt, wealth … like a treasure in the depths of the sea that wait to be seen, rescued and valued!

My path in the dance was varied: I began to explore it with 5Rhythms created by Gabrielle Roth, a wonderful ecstatic dance that allowed me to dive deep inside and discover the wonder of the movement. Then, Flowdance, Open Floor and the proposal of Dance-Movement-Therapy that allowed me to systematize, make my own synthesis and find my own way. More recently, my exploration on Butoh dance that took me to the deepest part of my body. In December 2016, I started my path into Soul Motion with Vinn Arjuna Martí in Buenos Aires and it is especially this dance that I intuited in connection with my personal therapy and the training during 2016-2017: Focusing. This Focus on the body unfolds in me like a dance that allows the dialogue of the different “parts” that integrate me, with respect and intimacy. It was my wish that both -Soul motion and Focusing- meet and resonate inside, that’s why I started in October 2017 to also travel this road (Soul Motion) with Vinn Arjuna, Aletia Álvarez, Michael Molin-skelton and Winky Wheeler in Port Townsend, Washington, USA. Recently, since April 2019… I am Soul Motion Teacher!

In the meeting of these two roads is where I want to leave traces … Today, I dance my life and I ask my body permission to enter each cell and tell me “my story”: the most invisible and deep part!



To my teachers, who are part of my life: THANK YOU for touching my soul, leaving traces in my body! I start with dance teachers, to respect the order in which they were awakening in me … To Kelly Satz and Marisa Cheb Terrab (5 Rhythms and Flowdance), Maralia Reca (Postgraduate Dance-Movement-Therapy), Ana Laura Osses (Butoh Dance), Gabrielle Roth and Lori Saltzman (5 Rhythms and Open Floor in USA) and, very especially since it is the path that I am currently going through, Vinn Arjuna Martí, Aletia Álvarez, Michael Molin-skelton and Winky Wheeler, with their wonderful proposal in which I choose immerse myself at present: Soul Motion. Finally,  Focusing: Patricia Viaño (my therapist, with whom I spent the last five years and I am still on the way) and Fernanda Acuña (Focusing integral).